With Patient Connect™ doctors and patients work together.

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Enhancing the patient - doctor relationship.

Our mission is to improve outcomes by improving the relationship between the two most significant people in healthcare - the doctors and the patients.
Remote Patient Monitoring

Easily and securely track progress and trends between visits to improve health outcomes and improve preventive, post-acute and chronic care.

Patient Engagement

Engage with patients directly, wherever they are, for greater visibility, deeper relationships, and better outcomes.

Custom Forms

Manage any condition by easily designing custom forms or prompts for mobile data collection, then integrate the data into the patient dashboard.

HIPAA Compliant

iHeal manages all data in compliance with HIPAA rules and regulations, and goes beyond by limiting the scope of collected data wherever possible, and only disclosing information by permission, and only when needed.

Advanced Security

Data in iHeal is encrypted both in motion and at rest using NSA-grade encryption. All communication between patients and doctors is protected by end-to-end encryption specific to a given patient-doctor interaction, so data can never be intercepted, or disclosed without permission.

Device Flexibility

Leverage phones, tablets, speakers and supported medical devices including blood pressure monitors, weight scales, blood glucose monitors, pulse oximeters and wearables.

2 out of 3 Physicians will use Remote Patient Monitoring in the future.
A survey by Consumer Technology Association (CTA) shows 68 percent of physicians strongly intend to use remote patient monitoring technology in the future, because improved patient outcomes (49 percent), improved compliance rates (44 percent) and patients taking more ownership of their health (42 percent).

The data is in, the results are proven. Changes in Medicare make it affordable.

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