Questions and Answers

What is iHeal?

iHeal is a browser-based health-care platform, capable of scheduling and hosting video consultations, managing data from remote patient monitoring, and providing reports of activities performed. ‘Browser-based’ means it does not require downloading or installing any app or software on any of the devices accessing the platform.

Who can I use it?

iHeal was tailored to meet all needs of patients, doctors, their assistants, and their office managers, and healthcare provider staff. We focus on preserving the privacy and integrity of all interactions between those users.

What do I need to use it?

iHeal platform can be accessed from any smart phone, any tablet, and any desktop computer, as long as it has internet access and a browser app (most of them do have it as default).

How can I start using it?

All you need to do is to create an account to start using it. For patients it is even easier: you just need to click on a link your doctor will send you in an email or SMS. You will be directed to the virtual waiting room, just like would happen in a regular hospital visit.

For doctors and assistants, creating an account is as easy as accessing our main page and clicking on the Doctors’ tab for Sign In. Select Sign Up and fill the necessary information and you are all set and ready to start video consultation and remote monitoring with your patients!

How can I get help if something is still not working?

You can phone us at +1 (833) 443-2501 or send us an email to We will get back to you to help you out.